Potty Training Tips For Toddlers That Actually Work

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Is your toddler ready to ditch diapers and move on to the scary world of “using the potty”? Moms share how they get the job done, with minimal tears from all parties involved…

Ah, potty training toddlers. Every parent’s least favorite part of raising children. It’s messy, it’s scary… and when you think about it, downright gross. But here’s the thing, once you’ve got it settled, it’s bye-bye diapers and wipes forever! Yup, you can say bye to a huge chunk of your grocery bill and say hello to the world of undies!

We spoke to some moms to get the intel on what worked best for them when they were potty training toddlers, and what didn’t…

Best tips for potty training toddlers from moms

Marga, mom of six

“Potty training toddlers can’t be rushed. You can’t do it when the kids are too young. The ideal age is around three — when they can understand what the goal is. Also, girls tend to learn faster than boys (I say this because they tend to be more uncomfortable when wet).”

Nikka, mom of two

“We made sure to always have a potty in the room they’re in, with provisions for privacy when we were potty training toddlers. For example, we put our potty behind the couch so our kids never felt like they were the center of attention.”

Marriane, mom of two

“Having a patient yaya really made a difference for us when we were potty training our toddler. When my son started potty training, he became obsessed with peeing, so he’d ask to go a million times a day.”

potty training toddlers little boy
Make potty time fun!

Valerie, mom of one

“We bought our toddler a book called Pirate Pete Potty. We also started potty training him with poop because it was easier to read his reactions to it. The moment he starts making that poop face, we’d rush to the potty ASAP! Also, finding a comfortable potty seat is key. They’re going to spend lots of time on it.”

Corinna, mom of two

“We bought our daughter cool underwear — unicorns, rainbows, the works — so that she wouldn’t want to dirty them. Also, my younger daughter is starting to pick it up. She watches her sister and just copies her!”

Ala, mom of two

“Give your toddler the a choice between the potty and the toilet when you’re potty training them. For newbie potty training toddlers, the toilet might be too scary! Bribing also worked for us…”

Mabel, mom of one

“We got our son a potty that looked like an actual toilet. I got my husband to demo (haha) and we placed it beside a real toilet. I also found that letting them experience sleeping in a wet bed will really train your toddler to use the potty.”

potty training toddlers using potty
Using the potty doesn’t have to be a challenge!

May, mom of one

“I’d watch out for certain facial expressions when potty training my toddler. My daughter makes a face when she needs to do #2, it was my signal to sit her on that potty! Also, she loves being a “big girl” so we make it a big deal that when she goes to the potty, it’s just like what a big girl would do.”

Jenn, mom of two

“We did star stickers on the bathroom wall. Every time we were successful, we’d put up a sticker, which made the whole process a lot of fun. We also made sure to follow a regular schedule — right after waking up, before and after meals, you get the drill!

Potty training toddlers doesn’t have to be difficult. All it takes is a whole lotta patience, a mop and all the useful tips we’ve gathered above. You’ve got this, mama!