Find Out the Truth Behind Some Milk Myths on Real Talk’s Latest Episode

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In case you missed it, here’s how Real Talk welcomed its third season

Real Talk by Modern Parenting is a staple online show that has been keeping parents and entire families entertained and informed throughout the quarantine period. Being wary of the do’s and don’ts and the hows and whys of family life is a necessity especially if health is the topic of conversation. This is why last May 29, 2021, Real Talk kicked off its third season with a special episode titled Amazing Possibles: On Children’s Nutrition and Debunking Milk Myths, co-presented by NANKID. To help Modern Parenting EIC and mom of six Marga Tupaz navigate through the milk myths we’re all familiar with, she was joined by super moms Joy Sotto and Vanessa Matsunaga, and Registered Nutritionist-Dietitian Isabel Martinez.

The whats and hows of keeping our children healthy

Diving deep into debunking all the misconceptions, Tupaz first welcomed Sotto, and they caught up on how life has been like for the latter given that she has a newborn in her household. Now a mom of six as well, Sotto explained that she is doing a lot more research to help with her children’s picky eating habits. To also contribute to her five-year old daughter Amari’s nutrition, she added, “I make sure that she drinks her [NANKID Infinipro HW] because if I don’t let her drink her milk and she does not eat, it’s going to be very hard [for her to get the right nutrition].”

On the other hand, Matsunaga and Tupaz later talked about how the former ensures her children are getting proper nutrition with all the physical activities she and her husband prepare on the daily. Matsunaga shared how NANKID Infinipro HW does its job perfectly that her eldest daughter Bella craves for it even when she’s already full from all the delicious meals at home. She even mentioned, “She enjoys it, she loves the taste, and it also gives me peace of mind that she’s getting [the nutrients she needs].”

To help parents with their concerns about their children’s nutrition, Registered Nutritionist-Dietitian Isabel Martinez was present to help the super moms and all the viewers know more about the important role of milk in a child’s development. From asking about the significance of milk to a child’s development to knowing if a person of any age can still benefit from a glass of milk everyday, everyone was truly entranced by the knowledge being shared. Asked why milk is important, Martinez stated, “Milk and other dairy products are [some] of the most nutrient-dense food available. [They] contain a good balance of both your macronutrients and your micronutrients.”

The truth behind all these myths

In these turbulent times, parents have to remain informed about what our children consume. With the overwhelming information available online, parents may find themselves wondering if what they’re scrolling through are facts or myths. Through the episode, Martinez helped verify and debunk different myths on milk to help parents figure out the truth. The first one that was brought up was if all milks are equal, which Martinez immediately confirmed was a myth. Various milk products completely vary by source, form, and composition. However, not all products labelled as milk are actually considered milk. Some are made from plant-based ingredients, and are better known as dairy alternatives, which is why reading the label and nutrition facts is always of utmost importance.

Another myth discussed was growing-up milk and its supposed lack of complete nutrients needed by young children. GUM is specifically formulated to include nutrients that are generally lacking in a child’s diet, but should only be used as a complement. A well-balanced diet is still a must to maintain our children’s health.

Tupaz shed some light on the gravity of the discussion since learning about nutrition is key in keeping our children as healthy as possible, especially in these extraordinary times. The earlier we ensure they get proper nutrition, the better for them to continually discover the bewildering possibilities they can achieve as they grow up. It’s not just about a good, balanced diet that matters, but also the right nutrition for optimal growth and holistic development, all while strengthening their immune system. That’s why Sotto and Matsunaga choose NANKID Infinipro HW, the first and only milk that has two HMOs supporting immunity, to provide their children with a strong physical and mental foundation that leads to a healthy and promising future.

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