7 Reusable Items You Can Substitute Single-Use Plastics With

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We should all do our part in saving and preserving our beautiful earth. While big acts are impressive, small every day habits make a huge impact as well. When you reflect on your daily habits, you’ll notice how much single-use plastics you consume without even thinking about it. As you may know, plastic takes years—decades, even—to decompose. As a result, it pollutes and affects wildlife, marine life, and the environment in general badly. Therefore, we all need to make a change to make things better. Here are 7 reusable items you can substitute single-use plastics with:

7 reusable items that’ll reduce your use of single-use plastics

Metal Straws


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You may think they’re not a big deal but these pesky straws affect animals and the environment so much. Animals can swallow them, thinking it’s food, or worse it can get lodged in their organs. In turn, they get sick and eventually die. Make a habit out of carrying around metal straws with you. Brands like Sip PH even offer big straws for all you milk tea lovers out there.

Insulated Water Bottles

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This is an absolute essential because we all need water. Before leaving the house, fill you insulated water bottle up and just refill in school or at work. You can even ask restaurants you’re dining in for a refill. Plus, it’s easy to find a bottle that suits your needs with all the bottle brands out there. You save the earth and you save yourself some extra cash at the same time. It’s a win-win.

Reusable Containers

celebrity mom reusable items plastic substitute

Store your baon in your reusable containers. Some people even go as far as carrying them around for when they buy lunch. Yeah, people may raise their eyebrows. But at the end of the day, that seemingly funny act helps the environment so let them scoff.

Storage Bags


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While you can reuse Ziplock bags to a certain extent, it still ends up in the trash later on. Opt for truly reusable items like these storage bag from Zippies PH. You can store anything in them; from food and snacks to medicine and travel essentials. They also come in different sizes to suit your needs. It’s washable, freezer-safe, but not microwave-safe. If you ask me, it’s definitely worth the purchase.

Canvas Totes

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Going to the grocery often results in going home with a lot of plastic. Reduce this by bringing canvas totes with you. These can come in handy for any shopping trip—or whenever you need an extra bag.

Bath Bars


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Bath products produce so much plastic waste. With the countless bottles and bags we go through monthly, there has to be a better alternative. These bath bars from Berde are great because they function as soap as well as shampoo. It’s also made locally, which is a plus for us. Bath bars work just as good as any other bath product minus the excessive waste. It even comes wrapped in recycled paper so it’s definitely zero-waste.

Bamboo Toothbrushes


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Plastic toothbrushes only last you 2-3 months apiece. After that, they take almost forever to decompose. However, bamboo toothbrushes like this one from Where To Next last longer and decompose naturally. Need more convincing? With each purchase of these eco-friendly toothbrushes, WTN provides dental supplies to remote communities in the country. Not only do you save the earth but you also help your fellow Filipino.