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Robert Downey Jr. Produces A Documentary Movie About His Father

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Robert Downey Jr., with the help of Chris Smith, makes a heartwarming and candid documentary movie titledSr.”, a tribute to his father.

Everyone remembers Robert Downey Jr. for his signature role as Iron Man while some remember him as Sherlock Holmes. Now a producer, his latest movie documentary, “Sr.”, is more of a dedication to his father — Robert Downey Sr. According to the Instagram post, the movie will be coming out this December 2 on Netflix.

The Affectionate and Complicated Relationship of Jr. and Sr.

“He was a groundbreaking filmmaker, as well as my dad,” RDJ writes on his Instagram. “The movie tells the story of Robert Downey’s maverick rise in NYC, his crash, burn, and redemption in Hollywood, and our relationship in the aftermath.”

Despite all the glitz and glam we see on the red carpet, we know that Hollywood is not kind to many people. The hidden deals, anxiety, and high stress placed upon the actors — the entertainment industry and Hollywood are not ones that someone emerges redeemed, enlightened, and unscathed.

Robert Downey Jr.’s documentary movie, Sr., is a candid and intimate approach to art, his late father’s approach to fatherhood with him also as a father, and the healing from the generational trauma that came from trying to cope with the dark side of Hollywood and NYC.

Photo Source: Robert Downey Jr. Official’s IG

The story of the father behind the maverick filmmaker

While the movie will mention many of Sr.’s works as a filmmaker, it will also highlight his relationship with his son, Robert Downey Jr., who started his debut as an actor through one of his father’s movies: 1970’s Pound. One of the more emotional scenes includes his father’s struggle with drug addiction which influenced his own battle against it, too. Now a father himself, we’re sure that this movie will portray itself differently as RDJ makes sense of everything that’s happened.

Robert Downey Sr., unfortunately, passed away last year at age 85 after a long battle against Parkinson’s Disease.

Robert Downey Jr. is a dad himself of three children: musician Indio Falconer, Avri Roel, and Exton Elias. Moreover, he posted on his Instagram asking his kids to shave his head for his newest role as The Sympathizer.

Don’t forget to catch the movie on December 2, 2022 on Netflix!

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