PSA: Finally! A Rom-Com Movie with Julia Roberts and George Clooney!

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We know it will not be the typical rom-com movie when George Clooney and Julia Roberts are involved.

We enjoyed the movies Ocean’s 11 and 12 because George Clooney and Julia Roberts were in them. And now, they’re about to commit another heist: a wedding heist! George Clooney and Julia Roberts are starring together in the latest rom-com: Ticket to Paradise. And if we look at the plot, it’s a story about two co-parenting parents trying to stop a wedding because they think their daughter, Lily, is just “love-struck” and they don’t want her to make the same mistake of marrying the “wrong person”.

That does sound familiar, doesn’t it?

Bringing back the classic rom-coms

Remember how we just loved Notting Hill and kept playing Ronan Keating’s When You Say Nothing At All repeatedly? Or, how we finally sighed in relief when Bridget Jones found the man she loves in the last of the three Bridget Jones’ Diary movies with Bridget Jones’ Baby? The same studio that came up with these classic rom-com films is the one producing Ticket to Paradise. The best part is, the director of the movie will be Ol Parker, the same guy who brought us, Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again!

“The world had completely changed when the pandemic hit. I thought about what I wanted to write and work on next, and I landed on writing something that would make people happy—something joyous and optimistic. Romantic comedies bring a large audience together to collectively laugh with each other, and after a few tough years, that seemed like a beautiful thing to bring to the big screen,” shared director Ol Parker.

Time to break out the Moscato and charcuterie boards, moms, and titas! Looks like we’re going on a laugh trip!

“One Ticket to Paradise, please!”

If any airline or online shop sold tickets to paradise then, we’d buy them in a heartbeat to take a break from life’s hustle and bustle. Unfortunately, there’s none. But this rom-com movie with George Clooney and Julia Roberts is the closest thing to it. Ticket to Paradise will show in theaters starting October 5. And if you really can’t wait, here’s the movie trailer to tide you over.

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