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LOOK: Saab Magalona Celebrates Her 34th Birthday!

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Saab Magalona gets a surprise birthday for her 34th!

Kids’ birthday parties are always cute to look through but throwing a surprise birthday party for moms always goes down like a treat! Celebrity musician and podcaster boy mom Saab Magalona celebrates her 34th birthday with a surprise dinner. She also celebrated her birthday in the morning with three of her favorite boys: Pancho, Vito, and of course, Jim. Check out the photos and the video below!

First Half of Saab Magalona’s Birthday At Home

The first portion of Saab Magalona’s 34th birthday was a cake with Jim and their two boys, Pancho, and Vito. She was also joined by her kasambahay in the celebration.

The birthday song was led by Vito who even added voicing to the song for Saab’s birthday! He also wished her a happy birthday and then asked for a kiss. Pancho also got to flex his motor skills and gave his mom, Saab, a chip to crunch on.

Surprise Dinner Birthday Party for Saab!

According to Saab Magalona’s posts, it was Jim Bacarro who planned the whole birthday celebration. We’re sure she genuinely appreciated the effort as the dinner was also attended by friends.

Towards the end, Jim Bacarro also sends Saab, who he lovingly calls his “best friend” a birthday message on his Instagram.

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He also writes in French as a tribute to Saab’s efforts in learning the language for the past year. It reads, “Between the night and dawn, and in between the realms of Life and Death.” (Entre la nuit, la nuit et l’aurore. Entre le royaume des vivants et des morts.)

Moms deserve birthday parties too!

While it doesn’t have to be as grand as a debut or a kid’s party, moms wouldn’t mind having a party for themselves. It also keeps the love alive in the relationship, helping moms remember they’re not just moms but an individual deserving of all the love in the world. So once again, happy 34th birthday, Saab! Enjoy!

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