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Should We Let Our Teens Go to Concerts?

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Concerts are fun but there are a lot of pros and cons to weigh on why teens should or shouldn’t go.

Going to a concert at least once is on the bucket list of every teenager. We see this in the movie Turning Red when a 13-year-old Mei willingly breaks tradition to join her friends and also build up funds to actually attend the 4*Town Concert. Although it can be nerve-wracking and dubious, here are some reasons why we should or shouldn’t let our teens go to a concert.

1. It’s a no if your teen’s not fully vaccinated.

Being fully vaccinated means getting the two initial shots with the rest being boosters. As COVID-19 is on the rise, some events are being more strict with who they let in. They might not even let your teens enjoy the concert if they don’t have a vaccination card. It’s a health protocol and they want everyone to have fun while staying safe.

2. Yes if they have the proper logistics arranged.

Concerts have a lot of people and teens can get swamped by the stampede of crazy fans. They’ll need the proper logistics arranged. Who’s going to bring them? Where are they getting dropped off? Who’s going to take them home? A lot of times, we say “no” to our teens attending concerts because we’re scared of our teens disappearing right after attending.

3. Yes if our teens are going with friends and it’s their first concert.

Nobody forgets their first concert. All the more if our teens go with their friends. Not going will make them suffer undue anxiety and self-isolation due to FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). Teens may find themselves left out from their group of friends and unable to relate because they weren’t there.

4. No if cases are rising again.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 cases are rising again. Some concerts even moved because one of the performers got COVID-19. Although we might find our teens stubborn, explaining to them that COVID-19’s rise and following the Local Government news will help. Because the majority of the time, concerts cancel if the cases start rising at an alarming rate.

5. Yes so long as the area is easy to leave from.

One of the greatest frustrations of any parent is letting their teen attend concerts in the area. MOA Arena, Araneta Coliseum, SM North Skydome — these three places became notorious for piling up with traffic. But some still make it because we’re more aware of the side streets to get them out. Some even agree that their teens can book a room in a hotel for one night to wait out the traffic.

6. Yes even though a family reunion pops up.

Every Filipino teen’s frustration includes abandoning an event because of a family reunion. However, we have to consider that our teen probably told us about this event months ago. According to the rules of scheduling, the prior event takes priority, especially when fully committed. Even if it’s a family reunion.

7. No if they have college entrance test review classes the next day.

College entrance tests weigh more than a concert. Sorry but it’s one’s future against one night.

8. Yes if you feel they need to go out.

College entrance test review classes can drain our teens. After all, “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” applies not just to us. It applies to our teens, too.

For us, it’s a “go ahead!” for our teens to go to concerts.

We know there are some risks in letting our teens go to concerts. But a lot of our anxiety comes from not knowing a lot of things and not trusting the people around them. Valid as it is, we also have to trust that our teens know how to handle those kinds of people when they attend concerts. Let them enjoy themselves; just make sure they still follow the health protocols.

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