SosBolz Take On the Long-Lasting Pwet-Tection Challenge to Find the Best Diaper Pants for Thylane

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When it comes to what’s best for your baby, the decisions that need to be made are endless. Top priority is usually what diaper to go with, and for Power Parents, it’s a no brainer to choose a product that you can rely on. So, how exactly can you be sure which one will rise to the occasion and meet your expectations?

First time Power Parents, Solenn and Nico prefer a diaper that keeps baby Thylane comfortable, and one that offers long-lasting pwet-tection.

PAMPERS vs. BRAND X: Which Diaper Reigns Supreme in Long-Lasting Protection

Solenn and Nico have decided to give Pampers a Long-Lasting Pwetection test run and pitted it against the next leading brand (we’ll call that Brand X), to see which one offers the ultimate protection against nasty babad.

Mom and Dad got to try one brand each- Solenn with Pampers, and Nico was assigned to Brand X. Each Power Parent had to pour 6 cups of 50 mL blue liquid onto each diaper, which is the average amount of baby pee in a 24 hour period.

A stuffed teddy bear (representing their daughter) is then pressed onto each diaper, and any sign of the blue liquid lifted off the diaper indicates the dreaded wetness, and a much needed diaper change.

This process was repeated five more times, and every time the would-be pee was noticeably transferred onto the would-be baby, both Brand X and Pampers diapers were changed, as well as the stuffed teddies.

The verdict after 6 suspenseful rounds?

Pampers with a clear win, with less baby babad butts! A testimony to superior quality in one Pampers diaper- the ability to protect our little one’s tender bottom from babad compared to that of Brand X.

That’s buh-bye Babad with Pampers Triple Pwet-tection.

Pampers is a vet in the world of diapers so you know they’ve covered all the bases to make sure you are using only the best for your child. It’s the only diaper with Triple pwetection against moisture that guarantees long-lasting defense against babad. That’s what is called the #PampersPowerProtection.

1. Instant Front to Back Absorption

Power parents have better things to do than constantly check whether or not the baby needs changing. Pampers front to back absorption happens in an instant, and in the Long Lasting Pwet-tection Test video, you can see that the liquid was absorbed immediately as it spread onto the pad evenly.

2. Anti-Leak Guards

We’re no stranger to leaks, and as baby starts to move around more, it’s inevitable- especially around the cuffs. Pampers has anti-leak guards that adjust to baby’s movement keeping spills right where they need to be.

3. Anti-Irritation Layer

There are diapers that are made with plastic that can be extremely uncomfortable for babies. Pampers Dry Pants is endorsed by the Skin Health Alliance with its anti-irritation layer on the top sheet which gives the diaper a more appealing and comfortable texture.

When asked about making the initial decision, Nico quips that it was actually his idea to try Pampers. Solenn enthusiastically shared their experience saying, “With Pampers we never got to experience the frustration [of choosing other brands]. Because she [Thylane] doesn’t experience irritation, her pwet is always dry, she’s never leaked so I’ve never even had to change her bed sheets that often — I change it once a week. She’s so clean. And I think Nico agrees with me that Pampers is the best with triple pwet-tection — no leakage, no irritation, and it’s just the best for a dry pwet.”

Confident they have chosen the best for baby Thylane, there’s no arguing of the effectiveness that Pampers Baby Dry Pants Triple Pwet-tection has in getting the job done. Not only does it do what all parents expect from a quality product, you also get more mileage for your money when you don’t have to change as often! You can’t really compete with that.