Spoil Dad on Father’s Day with These Luxury Items

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If you’re not too good with arts and crafts, spoiling dad with a Father’s Day luxury item is a good idea.

While some kids are cool with making arts and crafts for dad for Father’s Day, we also know that sometimes we and the kids have little artistic talent and/or patience for it. Especially because dad’s been doing his best to help around the house, we want him to feel appreciated. We know he steps up to handle a portion of the housework, especially if mom gets overwhelmed with it. So, let’s show him appreciation for his initiative, especially during this pandemic with these luxury gifts for father’s day:

1. Ingredients for his smooth cup of coffee

Dad probably doesn’t have the time to figure out his coffee but would really appreciate something beyond the typical 3-in-1. So, we figured that Nespresso ought to do the trick! Nespresso’s little coffee capsules make it easy for dad to quickly create a cup of coffee without having to pull out so many things for him to wash. Especially this summer, he’s going to want to beat the heat with Nespresso’s new Made for Ice Line of Coffee.

2. A suave watch for Mr. Dad

Dads want to be suave too and we mean James Bond suave. James Bond’s got the looks, the equipment, and the confidence that just screams Secret Agent. Unfortunately, we can’t give him the fancy car armed with weapons. But, we can get him a luxury watch from Montblanc for Father’s Day. While it doesn’t shoot lasers or tranquilizer darts out of it, we figured that the world-time clock and Hemisphere globes and dual time function would make up for it.

3. A Trunc of Luxury Goodies

Sometimes, we’re not sure what dad may like. So, why not buy him a Trunc full of goodies? Like, if dad’s wallet looks like it deserves a medal of honor (which it probably does after using it for an x number of years), you can get him a Salvatore Ferragamo Gancini Wallet to make him finally retire that old one. And if your dad’s a working dad and often groans from backpain after using the computer for too long, the MUJI’s PE Flakes Black Cushion ought to solve the problem.

4. An Indoor/Outdoor Bike

Whether it’s indoor or outdoor, getting dad a bike will help him stay away from getting a heart attack from sitting on his chair for too long. Besides, we’re sure that especially if dad’s the adventurous type — he’s probably suffering from some sort of Cabin Fever from being unable to go out. Biking also gives him a chance to really pump out that adrenaline so he can deal with whatever stress the pandemic gives him.

Here are some suggestions for bikes:

Vmax LH Folding Bike
Kemilng K730
Battle 590-D Mountain Bike
Folding Bike AB2006-TLS13 Tempo Libero Aleoca
Star Shaper KC154 Upright Exercise Bike

5. A Bottle of His Favorite Drink

Because of the pandemic, dad hasn’t really had the time to go drinking with his buddies. So, if ever they have an e-numan, you can get him his favorite drink for Father’s Day. Most dads we know are more of a Jack Daniel’s Whiskey or Johnnie Walker Scotch kind of guy. But there are men who love suave flavors like Marsala Wine (especially if they cook!) or would go for Sake or Soju if they want more Asian flavors.

Although, for Father’s Day, maybe we should up the game when it comes to getting his Whiskey. William Grant & Sons has a variety of wine packages for you to choose from for dad. Tailored to fit dad’s tastebuds to a tee, their packages pick out wines that range from the sweet Glenfiddich Our Original Twelve to the luxurious Glenfiddich Our Small Batch Eighteen.

If you’re looking for a place that does free deliveries, you can check out Boozy.ph to find their Father’s Day collection. Or, you can just buy the Triple J — a package on Boozy containing Jose Cuervo Gold Tequila, Johnnie Walker Black Label, Jack Daniels. But if your dad wants something hard, we hear Lambanog is a good idea.

6. Aviator or Driving Sunglasses

Since some of us moms don’t like driving, dad’s usually the one with the car especially if he’s extremely meticulous with it. So, we figured that getting him some aviator shades or driving glasses will help him keep the sun out of his face. Dad would most definitely love a pair of Ray-Bans especially if he has grades for his eyesight. Owndays also has a good line of eyeglasses and have amazing blue-light technology that keeps dad’s eyes from getting ruined from the computer.

You can also order these from either Zalora or Vision Express.

7. Caps with the Logo of his Favorite Car

Dads love their cars and if they’re a Formula 1 fan, they’ll definitely want a cap with a logo of his favorite car! They’ll probably want a Ferrari if they’re a Leclerc or Sainz fan or a Mercedes cap to support the current world champion Lewis Hamilton. Plus, they’ll want the extra protection to go out when they have to buy things during the pandemic. Nothing more thoughtful and indulgent than giving dad a cap with his favorite car logo on it.

Some of these caps are sold in car stores like Blade and Concorde. Or, you can find some on Lazada and Shoppee.

8. Heavy Duty Tackle box

Dad’s got a lot of tools and if he has hobbies that involve model kits or tinkering around with tools then a tackle box might be a suitable gift for him! Especially if he has a lot of screws, a variety of screwdrivers, and hammers — having a tackle box that can withstand anything will be a gift dad will appreciate. Plus, it prevents his tools getting mixed up with some of the clutter which will stop us from accidentally throwing them away!

You can buy these either in True Value, Ace Hardware, and the DIY Hardware Store!

Dad needs to be spoiled too!

We’re not saying that a simple card means much less than a Father’s Day luxury item like a watch or wallet. But we’re saying that dad, especially if he’s the breadwinner, is always spending money on the family and little for himself. Your tuition, gasoline, repairs on the car and, house — these are the kinds of things he always spends on that there’s little left for himself. So, it’s time to give back even just a little for all the things he’s done.

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