5 Easy Ways to Spread the Love This Christmas Season

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Spread the love this Christmas by doing these 5 things

The holidays are a time for sharing love in whatever form. Gary Chapman, the author of The Love Languages, finds that the expression depends on the receiver’s preferences. Whether it be words of affirmation, physical touch, receiving gifts, quality time or acts of service, it’s all about making the people around us feel good. So, here’s ways to spread the love this Christmas:

Include your helpers on your gift list

Think about it. Life without your trusty house helpers would be much harder than it is now. So don’t forget to give them gifts as a thank you for all their hard work. A nice bag or a new pair of shoes will brighten up their day.

Tell your parents how much you appreciate them

Most of the time, being a parent is a thankless job so make the holidays an exception. Even though they say that there’s no need to, hearing you say ‘thank you’ will make their day.

Dedicate a day just for your family

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Make sure to spread the love this Christmas to those closest to you. Give your spouse and kids all your attention for a full day. You can plan it out or simply as them what they want to do, anything goes.

Help your siblings run their Christmas errands

No matter how old you all become, siblings will always need each other. Make a day out of running your Christmas errands. You can help them cook their meal for the family potluck. You can also give them a hand with wrapping their presents. There’s no shortage of good deeds on the holidays.

Give your grandparents all the big bear hugs you can

The nicest as well as the sweetest people deserve all hugs. As you spread the love this Christmas, don’t forget about your grandparents. Give them a hug as a thank you, to say hello or goodbye, and for no reason at all.

There you have it, five easy ways to share the love with those you cherish and care for the most. Tell us, how are you spreading the love this Christmas?

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