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Having everyone at home united against the spread of infection will help keep everyone safe and healthy

Keeping our families safe from the possibility of infection is essential as the numbers of infected Filipinos increase by the day. For those living with other people—perhaps accommodating other family units or living with help, keeping everyone aligned with facts and the necessary protocols will ensure everyone’s safety as we continue our daily processes. And more importantly, keep our homes COVID-free.

While we remain vigilant in the fight against a global health crisis, it is equally necessary to keep everyone’s mental well-being in check, from immediate family to the house help.

This will ease fears after watching the news or hearing about deaths. By keeping everyone well-informed, no one is left in the dark. Everyone can confidently function in their daily dealings, never compromising anyone’s safety by living in the same household.

Planning your COVID TedTalk at Home

Make sure to sit all residents down before you start the discussion. Make sure to have snacks and non-alcoholic drinks ready before you proceed, as this session can go for hours and be met with a possible barrage of questions. Read and research possible questions to be asked and the appropriate relevant answers. Be honest when you do not have the answer at the moment. You can either tell them you will get back to them (please do) or keep a laptop by your side to find answers online. Finally, ensure that everyone in the room leaves with no question left hanging on their heads.

To help guide you with the discussion, we made a document with the important research-based facts and consulted with two medical specialists, including some questions you can open to the group for discussion.

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(Filipino version)

(English version)

Conducting the Talk Efficiently and Effectively

Keep a calm and comforting tone. Be authoritative in handing out information, but be welcoming when answering questions. The main objective is for everyone to be open regarding the topic during and after the talk. Deliver the facts uninterrupted, then open the floor for questioning. If people are hesitant, you can require each member to ask one question, then invite them to ask more after.

Good luck and stay safe! 

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