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UPDATED: The Ultimate Guide To Celebrating Halloween At Home With Kids (plus online Halloween events!)

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Just because trick-or-treating is cancelled, doesn’t mean that we can’t celebrate Halloween at home! Read on for our guide on how to make this beloved tradition happen, COVID-19 free…

Who doesn’t love Halloween? The kids get to dress up in their spooky-finest, they’re off on school holidays and the kid-ults (aka us) get to join in the fun with our own costumes too. Not to mention ALL THE CANDY.

Sadly, no thanks to COVID-19, Halloween as we know it — including trick-or-treating and all the big events — won’t be the same. Which means, it’s up to us to start flexing those creative muscles by celebrating Halloween at home! Yup, it’s absolutely possible!

How to celebrate Halloween at home:

Go crazy with the decors

Worried about going shopping? Reincarnate last year’s decors (if you haven’t Kondo-d ’em yet) or order online. Or better yet, get crafty with the kids and hit Pinterest for easy Halloween crafts. And yes, you can still decorate your hallways or front yards — your neighbors are celebrating halloween at home too!

Throw a mini trick-or-treating session for the kids

Amp up your regular treasure hunt by hiding some candy around the house. Daddy’s underwear drawer, in between the piano keys, under the kitchen sink — everything’s fair game. Turn off the lights, turn up the spooky sounds and let the kids go (semi) crazy. It’s just like Easter, but creepier!

Let the kids dress up in their all their ghoulish glory

“All dressed up and nowhere to go” does not apply during Halloween at home. Go crazy with the costumes, and heck, get dressed too. The more enthusiastic you are about Halloween, the faster your kids will forget about trick-or-treating.

Play Halloween-themed games

Bugbee Games (also known as Bubu & Yogs) has a limited edition Halloween Game called Trick or Treat where you and the kids pretend to go out and get treated or tricked! As a dice game, there’s no need for wi-fi and it keeps the kids away from gadgets for awhile. The game’s made for ages 3+ so it’s a fun and family-friendly game even for younger kids.

Older kids might appreciate Dungeons and Dragons more. What better way to celebrate Halloween than having a spooky and daring quest that has the party venture through a forbidden crypt? Zombies, demons, and ghosts lurk in every corner with the success of their quest lying on the face of a 20-sided dice. If your kid’s a fantastic storyteller, they’ll probably want to be a dungeon master/ game master too!

Halloween movie marathon time!

When the kids have settled down from their sugar rush, grab a blanket and snuggle up to watch some semi-spooky Halloween flicks. Check out our guide to kid-friendly Halloween shows here and our guide to classic Halloween movies for inspo. It’s the perfect ending to a fun Halloween at home with the kids!

Dress the kids up in cute Halloween costumes

As Halloween draws near, everyone’s scrambling for costume ideas. While some parents choose not to dress up their newborns, these parents had different ideas. These unique, clever, and hilarious Halloween costume ideas for your baby are sure to be a hit. Check out our article on cute Halloween costumes for babies here.

DIY Halloween Cookie Kits

What better way to celebrate Halloween than to make cookies? Candies are good and all but freshly baked, soft, chewy cookies appeal to us so much more. It’ll take some cookie cutters, and some baking ingredients but it’s a fun activity to do so there’s something to eat when we either go for an online event or if we’re planning to binge-watch horror movies and series at home. Party Mommas PH has a lot to choose from to make Halloween a treat for kids.

Online events for even more Halloween at home fun

Halloween x UN Month Joint Celebration

Join ILS Study Center‘s Online Halloween Party when they celebrate it together with UN Month! Your kids will get to virtually travel around the world and experience the different countries while safely staying at home. At the end of the month, they’ll have a grand Halloween blowout!

Escape the rooms in Breakout PH

Nothing incites fear more than being trapped in a room. Breakout PH, hosted by Shoor, has a bunch of virtual rooms that you and your kids can venture into. Once inside, the rooms will tease your mind and test your wits against the supernatural and most mindboggling of creatures and puzzles. You can secure a slot from here: Breakout Philippines: Virtual 360 Escape Room Games | SHOOR.

Belleboo K-Pop Halloween

Join your kids as they get to dress up like their oppas and dance to their music in the Belleboo K-Pop Halloween. Hosted by The Bellevue Manila, we’ll need to pay PHP 499 to join and register for the event. We’re sure that many ARMY moms and kids would love to attend this event on October 29, 2021 at 2 PM. You can check out the details on their FB page.

Wicked Halloween by Crimson Hotel

Costumes and magic tricks galore — Crimson Hotel Manila‘s holding an online Halloween party where kids can watch Magician and Host Dale Rubio perform his tricks. Best part is, there’s a costume contest your kids can join along with other activities from The Tinker House. To sign up, follow the instructions on their FB post.

Free online Halloween activities

World of Magic on Halloween

Throw and enjoy a magical Halloween with Madison’s Event Inc. as they showcase magic shows, potions class, DIY Halloween home decors, and the kids can even hatch their own magical creature. They’re throwing the party in three different time slots from 11 AM, 2 PM, and 4:30 PM. Make sure you and your kids secure a slot by messaging them on FB or contacting them though the following details:

Madison Contact Details:

Globe: ‭0927-083-2568‬0917-136-3300 0917-182-1144
Smart: 0998-801-7110Land Line: 02-7987-3300 02-7978-1144
Whatsapp / Viber0917-136-3300 0917-182-1144
FB Messenger: Madison Events, Inc.
Email: [email protected] / [email protected]

Go back in time with Magandang Gabi Bayan

90’s kids are all familiar with the close-to-home scares of Magandang Gabi Bayan’s Halloween specials. Thanks to the folks at ABS-CBN, our old Halloween fave has been digitized for our viewing pleasures. Enjoy!

There’s no reason to let COVID-19 stop Halloween! All you need is a bit of creativity for the kids to have a whole lot of fun!

Need more Halloween at home inspo? Check out our guide to Halloween snacks and this neat list of Halloween movies for kids.

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