The Ultimate Last Minute Father’s Day Gift List

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So much work, so last minute. Get a gift for dad to make his Father’s Day so lit!

We’ve probably been working so much that we almost completely forgot that Father’s Day is coming! We only have a few days left before Father’s Day and we’re still scrambling for a gift. And the last thing we want our dads to feel is to feel unappreciated because we definitely know how that feels. But not to fear, we have a list of items from Rustan’s that can serve is a really cool Father’s Day gift that won’t look last minute (even though it is!).

1. Scents of His Choice

Even if dad doesn’t go out as much, it doesn’t mean we can’t get him his favorite scent of choice. Especially with the restrictions slowly lifting, he’s going to want some scents that ooze confidence and suaveness despite the stress of the pandemic. Pick out some scents like the Aspen Man, or the Jovan Musk for Men for some suaveness or for spunk and spice, the Viktor&Rolf Spicebomb‘s spicy notes of cinnamon and tobacco is perfect for the role.

But if you want to kick it up a notch, check out designer scents like Givenchy Gentleman Eau de Toilette or the Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio Homme Eau de Toilette that will really spoil dad.


2. Travel Bags for the On-The-Move Dad

Entrepreneur dads or dads that just need to move will really appreciate a bag that can withstand the stress of constantly chasing opportunities or just the stress of being thrown into the check-in or hand carry storage during travel. Samsonite Popsoda Collection‘s definitely a good place to start if you want a bag that can really get the job done in bringing things around. And if dad’s been bitten by the gym bug, you can also get him the High Sierra Poblano Duffel Bag so that nothing gets lost as he immerses himself in his workout.

3. Fashion Stuff for Dad

Dads can be fashionable too! Especially when they have to attend online Zoom meetings or meet people outside, dads need to look the part. Jack Nicklaus has a Father’s Day collection that can help dad plan out his attire. Whether just because he wants to look cool or he has something to do, there’s never no reason to look trendy. Besides, we know that dad might have some polos losing their color…

4. For our Cooking Dads

When moms need to tap out of the kitchen, dad can come in to save the day. Whether he’s just starting out or has some cool cooking recipes he wants to try, he’ll want to expand his culinary arsenal. If dad isn’t happy with 3-in-1, there’s a Cuisinart Cold Brew Coffeemaker that’ll make sure he never runs out of cold brew. If dad’s flipping some burgers or some pancakes, the Tefal Unlimited Frypan will make sure none of his creations never stick to the pan.

So many choices, so little time

With a list in hand for last minute Father’s Day gifts, all we have to do now is choose one for dad. We know that, just like being a mom, being a dad can also be a thankless job. Especially with the stress of the pandemic building up, we know that dad’s been trying his best too to keep up the fam’s morale. With Rustan’s list of items, all we have to do now is order from them and let them handle the rest.


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