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These 8 Celebrity Parents Are Co-Parenting Goals

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These celebrity parents are making it work when it comes to co-parenting their kids.

Just because a marriage or relationship falls apart doesn’t mean that a parent’s responsibility to their kids is over. While there are some who don’t meet their partner anymore due to extreme reasons, there are also those who made it work despite the messy breakup. Here are some celebrity parents who have achieved co-parenting and worked out some of the kinks.

1. Jake Ejercito and Andi Eigenmann

Celebrity parents Jake Ejercito and Andi Eigenmann have achieved co-parenting goals in so many ways. From Ellie’s birthday party to assuring Ellie doesn’t lose contact with either parent, the two have made things work. Even if they’re not always updated with one another, they do so for Ellie’s sake.

Currently, Jake is focusing on his career while Andi is enjoying her time with Philmar and their kids: Lilo and Koa. Ellie is currently staying with Andi.

2. Ellen Adarna and John Lloyd Cruz

Although it’s no secret that Derek’s a big fan of Elias, celebrity parents Ellen Adarna and John Llyod Cruz have a co-parenting arrangement to make sure the boy doesn’t lose contact with either one. Elias usually stays with Ellen while John Llyod sees him for two nights a week.

3. Jodi Sta. Maria and Pampi Lacson

Based on the Instagram accounts of both parents Jodi Sta. Maria and Pampi Lacson, their son Thirdy seems to be quite happy with the results of their co-parenting. Jodi even slowly built a friendship with Iwa Moto, Pampi’s new partner. Although primarily, Thirdy stays more with Jodi.

4. Kylie Padilla and Aljur Abrenica

Celebrity parents Kylie Padilla and Aljur Abrenica may not be seen together in photos but there seems to be no shortage of moments where the two boys, Alas Joaquin and Axl Romeo, spend time with either parent. While Kylie brings them to the park, shopping, and different places, Aljur recently posted photos of him and their two boys on the shoreline.

5. Jennica Garcia and Alwyn Uytingco

Photo from Alwyn Uytingco IG

Celebrity mom Jennica Garcia had strong words for the “marites” who kept poking about her relationship with Alwyn while co-parenting their daughters, Mori and Alessi. “Hindi ba pwedeng we are thriving to co-parent healthily for our children especially since I am also with my parents’ family at sadyang assuming ka? Dapat ba pag hiwalay sa asawa not in good terms? Hindi kami boyfriend and girlfriend na dahil hiwalay, cut all ties. We have children to think of. Hindi pwedeng sariling kapakanan lang iniisip.”

Moreover, she shares that Alwyn will always be a presence and “forever welcome in my children’s lives”.

6. Aga Muhlach and Janice de Belen

Photo from Aga Muhlach IG

Although celebrity parents Janice de Belen and Aga Muhlach ended their relationship after Luigi “Igi Boy” Muhlach was born, they’ve made co-parenting work. Luigi even recently spent some time with his dad.

7. Sunshine Dizon and Timothy Tan

Although their split wasn’t pretty, celebrity parents Sunshine Dizon and Timothy Tan have made things work and are co-parenting their kids. Sunshine revealed on her Instagram how Timothy would always have a place in her kids’ lives. “Timothy is and will always be the father of my children. It is his right, duty, and obligation to be there for his children no matter what the circumstances may be,” she writes.

In addition, she revealed how she and Timothy work together in “disciplining their kids” on a segment of Magandang Buhay.

8. Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion

Although the two split in the 80s, it’s clear that celebrity parents Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion have made co-parenting work with KC.

These celebrity parents prove that co-parenting is possible!

It’s painful to work together with a partner especially when the reason for the breakup was traumatic. But pushing past that pain to work up a co-parenting strategy is something that these celebrity parents proved to be possible. Because it’s not just about one’s own feelings. It’s also about the kids’.

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