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Tiktok Recipe Trends For The Titas And Titos: 10 Easy Dishes Worth The Try

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While TikTok may be home to your kids’ silly dance moves, it also houses delish recipes that could debut at your dinner table soon.

Okay tita, before you start enumerating the increasing number of ways why TikTok is absurd, you might want to continue reading. While catching your kids bust a move in the living room repeatedly might be quite an annoyance, TikTok saves room for us titos and titas too! If you follow the right accounts and search at the right places, you might discover fun recipes that could amaze the family. We rounded up around 15 recipes you might want to try at home. 

1. The Easy Tortilla Hack Everyone’s Been Talking About


Had to try this🤩#tortillatrend#trend#tiktoktrend#trending#recipe#cooking#foodie#foodtiktok#mat#food#fördig#fördigsverige#fyp

♬ Baby Work It – Your Favourite Garçon

Not only is this easy recipe fun and adjustable by using a variety of ingredients, you can also do this for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even as a dessert. And they’re quite handy too!


2. What’s Worth The Try? This Viral Baked Feta Pasta Recipe


Baked feta pasta viral recipe! Inspired by #uunifeta via @liemessa & @tiiupiret #learnontiktok #foodtiktok #foodie

♬ She Share Story (for Vlog) – 山口夕依

With just a few ingredients needed to make this pasta bake the centerpiece of your dinner menu, family and friends will surely enjoy this tasty treat. An impressive choice for your potluck sessions!

3. What To Serve Your Amigas? White Claw Slushies!


♬ original sound – morgan hardy//

For a socially distanced affair with your besties, this easy mix that’s been making waves on social media will never embarrass you. Replace it with your brand of spirits and toast to a perfect evening!


4. Bread But Make It Art: The Garden Focaccia


FOCACCIA GARDEN 🌿 it’s beautiful. Recipe is on my IG! #foodfam #baking #tiktokbaking #fyp

♬ Dancing On My Own – Robyn

The pandemic has made gourmet bakers out of many home cooks both old and new. Zhuzh your bread a bit with tasty embellishments. Truly a social media worthy picture once the product comes out of the oven.

5. Make The Perfect Side Dish With These Crispy Potatoes


Christmas dinner? [L!NK !N B!O for recipe] #crispypotatoes #potatoes #roastpotatoes #potato #sidedish #kyliejenner #cooking

♬ Sedona – Houndmouth

For dinners or lunches that need a matching side dish, this recipe teaches you how to make the crispiest potatoes that are equally yummy too. Listen to the proof of crunch in this video.

6. Blue Cloud Bread? Because, Why Not Tita?


Tik Tok’s famous cloud bread is so easy to make! Recipe from @linqanaaa #fyp #cloudbread #baking #easyrecipe #bread #cooking #egg #easybaking #foodie

♬ She Share Story (for Vlog) – 山口夕依

While this looks like a kitchen experiment, those looking at treating their children to fun and colorful snack can try this one out. Not a fan of blue? Make your own palette of colors by choosing other shades of food dye.

7. An Oreo Mug Cake The Kids Can Make


Watch “Quarantined Qooking” On Instagram -> @EITAN #lifeathome #coronavirus #coronatime #cooking #recipe #quarantined #oreos #cake #mugcake #food #yum

♬ original sound – Eitan Bernath

Of course younger kids need assistance but this quick and easy snack can double as a fun dessert. Just add a scoop of ice cream, some nuts, or even fruits to make it healthier.

8. Something Really Simple: Cream Cheese and Bell Pepper


Snackin #mukbang #keto #mukbangeatingshow #mukbangs

♬ original sound – JanelleRohner

Get them eating those vegetables! This brilliant idea can be further enhanced by adding other ingredients as well. A perfect dish to serve with your White Claw slushies.

9. Messy But Sure Looks Yummy—The Nacho Table


we always make a nacho table during family vacation 🧀🌮 #DontLeaveMe #MakeSomeoneSmile #nachotable #foryou #puremichigan #vacation #family

♬ CEO of speaking French – I.y.a

Okay, this can border on the extremes. But think of it as a Tex-Mex boodle fight. Just make sure to wrap that table well before pouring in the chips and the condiments!

10. A Different Take on Tacos: Birria Tacos


Making Birria tacos 😵😭🌮 #cooking #tacos #birriatacos

♬ original sound – Anna Paul

While you can still go to old reliable internet for tried-and-tested recipes, opening a TikTok account might not be a bad idea if you’re looking for foodspiration and other mouthwatering videos. Who knows, maybe you’ll be making your own TikTok recipes soon. And that, dear tita, is not exactly a bad idea.

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