Timeless Fun Home Activities You Loved That Your Kids Will Enjoy, Too!

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As summer vacation approaches, parents are looking for ways to keep their kids entertained for the next few months. From enrolling them in workshops to scheduling trips, the summer fun is endless. However, there are days in between that are hard to figure out. Do you remember what you did during your school break? Let’s take a trip down memory lane for some of the timeless fun home activities you loved that your kids may enjoy now!

Timeless Fun Home Activities For Your Kids

Play Board Games


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Go for the classics! You can never go wrong with the oldie-but-goodies, Snakes & Ladders and Monopoly.

Build Forts


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With a few blankets, pillows, and boxes, you can have a unique camp out right at home. Best of all, you can keep it up for days—the whole vacation, even.

Have a Paper Airplane Race


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What’s a more timeless fun home activity than trying to make the perfect paper airplane? You can even use scratch papers or design the planes however you like. Mark your start and finish lines and you’re ready for take off.

Pretend to be Robots

Remember standing in front of the electric fan, talking into it, and getting a kick out of how it changes your voice? Well, it may be over 30 years later but it’s still a lot of fun!

Make Polvoron


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This is a bit specific but making polvoron just seems like a right of passage. You just need flour, sugar, milk, and butter, and you’re good to go. Make a day out of molding the polvoron into fun shapes.

Have a Classic Movie Marathon

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Introduce your kids to some of the movies you loved from your childhood. Watch Richie Rich to also make them wish they had a McDonald’s in their house, like you did.

Make Ice Candy


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Pick up your kids’ favorite juice flavors for this timeless fun home activity. Mix the juice, pour them into individual plastic bags, and freeze. You can also play-pretend and set up an ice candy stand right in your own living room.