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7 Times Dingdong Dantes Made Sure Everyone Knew Marian Rivera Was His Queen

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Here are the 7 times celebrity dad Dingdong Dantes made sure the world knew Marian Rivera was his queen.

The wholesome love story of celebrity parents and king and queen of primetime Philippine TV Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera is a story that makes everyone believe in forever. While it’s one thing to have one, it’s another to maintain the sweetness and spark — especially after kids. While the kids are important, so is one’s partner. Time to take notes from the celebrity dad himself!

1. He finds the love of back then and now

Photo from Dingdong Dantes

“Me looking at her walking down those stairs reminds me of how she marched on that majestic aisle 8 years ago,” he writes in an Instagram post of Marian Rivera’s 38th birthday. His face in the shot literally screams, “I am so lucky and blessed she said ‘yes’ to me”.

2. He catches the parenting moments of Marian with the kids.

Photo from Dingdong Dantes

A lot of times, moms are not in the family photos because they’re the photographers! But Dingdong Dantes does take photos of Marian’s parenting moments with the kids. Nothing makes a mom feel more like a queen when she knows her husband’s there to capture her parenting moments, too.

3. He’s not afraid to share just how much he enjoys the little moments he has with her.

Photo from Dingdong Dantes

Tight acting schedules and gigs along with parenting are probably spreading Dingdong thin. But taking the few minutes to express how much he cherishes the moment he has Marian all to himself is so romantic.

4. He will recreate the romantic moments he had with her when he can.

Photo from Dingdong Dantes

While it helps to be in the entertainment industry full of stylists and stage crew, it’s still Dingdong Dantes’ choice whether or not to recreate romantic moments with Marian Rivera on set.

5. He is not afraid of being cheesy.

Photo from Dingdong Dantes

Some men fear being labeled as cheesy but look at the way Dingdong carries Marian and calls her “the original beybeh”. Many may find it cheesy but the look on their faces and his choice to post it on his Instagram is proof that he’s not afraid of being seen as such.

6. He supports her business.

Photo from Dingdong Dantes

A dad who supports a mom’s venture to be an entrepreneur is no joke. Using his own photography skills, Dingdong helped Marian start her FloraVida line. But also took a few photos of her in between, “conveniently” forgetting that the subject was supposed to be the flowers.

7. He does his best to catch “solo” photos of her.

Photo from Dingdong Dantes

It’s rare to find a man willing to play “IG photographer” for his lady. Dingdong Dantes does his best to do so for Marian Rivera and has many shots. But this one stood out because he said, “Zia made it better”.

The moments don’t need to be grand or planned. They just need to have a lot of love and no fear to express themselves — which is what Dingdong Dantes does to make sure the world knows Marian Rivera is his queen. There’s a reason why #DongYan inspires “forever” and it’s definitely born from a form of teamwork between the two.

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