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Where to Find a Kasambahay Who Can Help with Household Chores

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If you’re looking for a kasambahay to hire, here are some suggestions on where to find one.

Having a kasambahay is truly a blessing and privilege for many Filipino households—especially for busy parents and their children. Because of them, we don’t need to worry about doing laundry, washing dishes, and mopping floors while we’re at work and the kids are at school. Instead, we can go home to a clean house and have enough time to do other things. There’s a reason why a lot of moms even call them house angels. According to a DOLE and PSA survey conducted in 2019, about 1.4 million Filipinos work as kasambahays. And this is one of the reasons why Congress passed the Kasambahay Law—to protect both employer and worker. If you’re looking to hire a domestic worker, here are suggestions on where to find a kasambahay.

Where to Find a Kasambahay
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Where to Find a Kasambahay


One of the fastest ways to hire a kasambahay is through an agency like or These agencies deploy contractual household helpers with the necessary documents for employment. These include contracts as well as government and medical clearances. The advantage of hiring through an agency is that they guarantee screening applicants by doing a thorough background check and spending for government-issue clearances. Additionally, they send the applicants to partner medical establishments to ensure that they are healthy and fit to work. Lastly, they are briefed properly on what to expect during the duration of their employment.

Their standard contract is usually six months long. And if you and the kasambahay wish to continue even after the contract expires, you may do so without incurring additional fees. Another benefit of hiring through an agency is that if a kasambahay doesn’t complete six months, the agency can provide a replacement. However, hiring through an agency can be expensive—so this is something to consider.


Another way is through referrals. Sometimes, the relatives of other household helpers are also interested to apply. Many families and their extended families have kasambahays who are either related to each other or belong to the same province. If you’re willing to spend on their transportation, a referral is a good option because you know someone who vouches for them, and therefore, it’s easier to trust them.

Online Groups

Last but not least—there are many online groups on Facebook where you can find a kasambahay and directly hire them. It’s easy to post all your requirements on these groups. And you’ll surely get a number of interested applicants within minutes. However, the downside is that many scammers can take advantage. So be very wary and make sure to screen applicants properly. Ask them if they can submit a valid ID and an NBI clearance. Avoid giving cash in advance—instead, you can offer to shoulder transportation costs when they arrive at your house. Lastly, try to video call with them during the interview process to get to know them before hiring.

A kasambahay cleaning
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Hope you find your kasambahay or house angel soon!

These days, it’s hard to find a compassionate and trustworthy kasambahay just as it’s hard for them to find an employer who will treat them with dignity and respect. When you do find a kasambahay to help you out, remember that you’ll have less work to do at home, which means more time for yourself and your family—and that’s a good enough reason to also treat them like they are part of the family.

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