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Who is Blippi: 4 Reasons Why Kids Love Blippi

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His high pitch voice may be annoying at times but kids love him.

Since the start of the pandemic, a lot of kids have been spending more time online and that includes looking for shows to watch. These days, cartoons and educational shows are hard to find considering the attention span. So when I heard from my siblings about the YouTube show, Blippi, I got curious. The show is not new because it has been available online for some time but I decided to see for myself why kids seem to love him. So, who is Blippi?

Just a quick background—Blippi was created by Stevin John, who transforms into the character by wearing a blue and orange outfit, bowtie, and glasses. He had the inspiration for the character after spending time with his nephews while checking out the shows they watch.

At the start of the video, hearing his high-pitched voice can be quite annoying. But as I try to get through the video, here are some reasons why kids seem to like him.

1. He explains it the “kid way”

If you’ve seen many of the videos, Blippi tours around museums, playgrounds, and even farmhouses. Blippi tries to explain everything he sees to kids the way they understand it by describing the object and its purpose.

Some episodes include building sandcastles and learning sports.

 2. Blippi is entertaining

In these times, kids need a form of entertainment and Blippi gives it. Sure, all children’s shows are entertaining but a lot of them seem to be hooked on Blippi’s adventures whether it be doing sports, visiting museums, or explaining what a tractor is.

3. The show includes musical elements 

Children love to sing and dance and Blippi made sure to incorporate that. He even has his own dance moves.

Aside from the regular show, Blippi together with Moonbug launched Blippi Wonders, an animated series where he is off into different adventures. There is also Blippi the Musical, where he will bring his antics and adventures to the stage soon.

4. Blippi is a good alternative to other shows

Upon checking reviews on Blippi, there were a lot of parents who wrote about their thoughts. Some parents feel that there are other shows their kids can watch rather the Blippi.

Others on the other hand said they were okay that their kids watched it rather than cartoons with no learning. The show is in no way the same league as perhaps Sesame Street, but it does try to educate kids and provide some distraction from what’s happening around the world.


It’s difficult to look for shows that you feel safe for kids to watch. With online streaming accessible to kids, parents also have to make sure that what is available can help in the growth of their children.

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